Friday, May 24, 2019

Aerobics and Fitness

In not so recent past, physical exercises are mostly reserved and prescribed to people in the armed profession, sports, and physically-demanding jobs. However, with a fast changing society of rapid economic and technological development, arises from the havoc of increasing number of people categorized as obese, along side with the awareness of the health hazards it could cause to the human body.

With the heightened awareness of people towards fitness and its benefits, an array of products is emerging in the market like mushrooms. From fitness apparels and clothing, fitness gears and instruments, gym and yoga centers, to slimming pills and teas, especial formulated drinks and shakes, diet regimens, and miracle formulas, all these are aimed to cater for the needs and seemingly vain fantasies of the people to achieve a slim and fit body in an instant. These products can be effective or otherwise, but is there an alternative way to achieve fitness? There is aerobics.

Aerobics has been known since 1968, it was Dr. Kenneth Cooper, who coined the word “Aerobics” to his book on regimen of exercises. Aerobics is an exercise characterized by a gradual increase of oxygen consumption in a continuous and rhythmic manner. Aerobics is proven by research to be the healthiest and surest way to weight control, especially when paired with good eating habits.

Benefits of Aerobics

• Promotes weight control. Aerobic exercise aids in burning fats and unused calories in the body resulting to a weight loss and maintenance of proper weight in the later part of life.

• A healthy heart. Aerobics exercises the heart resulting to better blood circulation, lesser resting heart rate. The heart is enlarged thus increasing the volume of blood per stroke.

• Promotes an efficient use of oxygen in the body. Constant aerobic exercises improve breathing and respiratory processes.
• Endurance. Habitual aerobic exercises increase endurance, faster recovery from tiring, and increases strength.
• Reduces risks of high blood pressure, diabetes, and other known diseases.
• Helps lower bad cholesterol count while increasing good cholesterol.
• Helps fight muscle and bone diseases in later life.
• Improves metabolism. Aerobic exercises consume calories and improve eating habits.
• Good alternative for relieving stress, emotional anxieties, and promotes mind relaxation.

Aerobic Tips

• Enroll in an aerobic class. Having a professional instructor is advisable, supervision could be important, especially to beginners. Aerobic classes also provide a carefully structured exercise program.

• Use proper clothing during aerobics. The key is to choose a comfortable set of shorts, jogging pants, shirt, and footwear. Improper clothing may cause limited or restricted movement and sometimes injuries during exercises. It is also advisable to bring extra clothing and towels.

• Always bring a bottle of water during exercise. Drinking a small amount of water before exercise and drinking throughout the exercise are recommended to prevent over heating and dehydration.

• Always perform some stretching or warm up before doing the aerobic exercise and do some cool downs after the exercise. It will prepare your body for the exercise and helps prevent intense muscle pains and sores afterwards.

• Keep a comfortable pacing. Do not exercise too hard; gradually increase your exercise pace or period only if you are ready. Difficulty in breathing, fainting, disorientation, and intense muscle pains means you are going too fast. Fitness cannot be achieved by force.

• As much as possible, aerobic exercises should be done regularly or in correct intervals to achieve desired effects while maintaining interest and anticipation to the exercises.

• Set long and short term goals. Knowing that your goals are achieved gradually or an improvement is felt are good motivators to continue the exercise. Reward yourself when a short term goal is achieved, this is to encourage yourself to maintain interest.

• For any injuries or lingering discomfort, it is highly advised to seek advice from a physician. If the discomfort continues, stop and restructure the exercise program as advised by the physician.

Aerobics is perhaps the easiest and safest alternative towards fitness, aside from the fact that it is less costly. It can also be done at home through many aerobic instructional videos of your liking. Aerobics paired with healthy eating habit guarantees a longer and healthier life ahead.