Friday, May 24, 2019

Exercising at Dawn

Many people nowadays are getting in-touch with their health and are becoming more conscious with their physical fitness. This might be the result of the emergence of various new diseases that hasten fatality among humans brought upon mostly by too much stress and poor diet.  Furthermore, with the proliferation of enticing media advertisements on food and beverages, as well as nice restaurants and bars – people are more prone to undisciplined eating and drinking.  

Despite all of these, however, it is still nice to note that even these tempting foods and drinks, and demanding lifestyle, people still value their health and fitness through regular exercise and diet.  Exercise is considered by many experts as the easiest and the most effective way of distressing and maintaining a physically fit body.  It is a form of physical activity that not only will give a good result in one’s physique, but it also contributes a lot to the whole being of a person. Accordingly, regular exercise contributes to the production of endorphins inside the body which is an essential body chemical that makes someone happier and more of a positive thinker. People who exercise regularly are said to be happier people than those who live in a sedentary lifestyle.

Although how essential it, there are still a lot of exercise enthusiasts who find it difficult to juggle exercise, work, family and friends in their daily schedule.  Furthermore, exercise is most effective during a specific time in a day and, that, if one strictly follows a workout program; a proper schedule is much needed.


Exercising at dawn

Some health experts revealed that exercising at dawn or early morning is more effective than other times in the day. Accordingly, exercising at dawn will jumpstart your day and will pump-up your body, enough to sustain you throughout the day. From a hiatus during the night, a dawn exercise will enable one’s body to be energized, making someone more energetic and “glowing” before doing other activities during the day.

Also, exercising during the later time of the day, such as late afternoon or evening, will have tendencies of being not done at all. Because of the stress and tiresome activities during the entire day, it is most likely that some people will prefer to rest in the evening than do exercise.  Hence, it is better to start the day exercising.  

It has been said as well that exercising early in the morning will produce higher metabolic rate than other times in the day.  This will start the “alert level” of a person, something needed very much throughout the day, especially if one has a physically demanding and cerebral squeezing job.            

In hindsight, however, time of the day and exercise is really not that co-dependent with each other. In the long run, what is very important that one has not forgotten the importance of exercise and daily active physical activities.  One should remember all the time that exercising helps someone to have a healthy and discipline lifestyle.  Meanwhile, do not also forget to savor the fun in doing the exercise - making it a recreation than an obligation.