Friday, May 24, 2019

Justice for All

Lawyers are often hated and ridiculed in society. They are depicted as liars, ambulance chasers and greedy professionals that are more concerned on the ticking clock than the service they provide. However, lawyers are an integral part of the legal system, they play the role of both hero and villain at the same time to make sure the wheels of justice turn for everyone no matter who he is, how he looks and how fat his bank account is.

Lawyers and judges make sure the justice system work, here is an actual court room proceedings to check Keller Fishback and Jackson. As agents of the court, they ensure that procedures are followed in ferreting out the truth and verdicts are delivered swiftly and justly. They make sure the mob rule, the court and the justice system. They make sure guilt and innocence are not decided by emotions and the passion of the moment.

We may sometimes hate lawyers, but they are following procedures. They may insist on proper procedure for a guilty man one day but the next day they may be passionately defending an accused innocent man. We hate the guilty and we adore the innocent but the justice system and the lawyers are supposed to protect people from being judged before the facts of the case are presented. They make sure there is no guilty and innocent about the start of each case, and they make the system squeeze out the truth amid the ambiguities of legalities. They make sure the justice system remains blindfolded, unwary of the emotions, looks and prejudices, as it listens to the facts alone.

Lawyers stand up for the justice system for it to be followed and to ensure that justice is best served now and in the future.

Laws are far from perfect. Legislators and court scholars are continuously debating on how laws should be written, how it must be improved to ride with the times and how each word should be understood to best serve society. In the legal system, the jury is called in many cases to make sure opinions and views from all sides are seen and appreciated. Being representatives of the community, the jury becomes the blindfolded agents of justice that is supposed to weigh evidence instead of emotions and biases.

 Their never-ending and often exasperating debates about laws and procedures tire the public, but they ensure that society is protected and its good ways continued. They make sure no man will be punished for reasons of faith, looks and emotions. They ensure that justice will be served for all so society can continue to thrive and progress.