Wednesday, June 19, 2019


The art and science of creating, assembly or installing high quality locks, designing with their respective keys, implementation and management of keying and thrashing locks is what we call locksmithing. They also fit or duplicate keys that were lost like automobile, home, offices, etc. to retain security. With regards to employment, some locksmiths works in a store, employed by a company, forensic locksmith, security consultants, works on a door hardware and some may have specific specialization (automotive lock specialist, safe or vault specialist, master key system specialist). Most of the countries, to be a locksmith requires you to complete your apprenticeship and it vary from what country you are from with regards to the level of formal education required. Some are in a form of a simple training certificate that may be given from the employer, diploma and experience from being an apprentice.

Defining important terms on getting to know more about Locksmith:

  1. Lock – It is a mechanism that will fasten and secure doors, lid, buildings, storage facilities, rooms, objects, or cabinets. Some locks nowadays uses electronic lock services most especially to people who uses it to protect individuals, some assets and important things. A lock alone cannot keep out an intruder that has unlimited resources. However, it may delay but it would be better if you would combine it with secure containers, electronic access and alarm systems to provide a higher level of security. The first, oldest lock is believed to be made in Egypt.
  2. Smith – A skilled and knowledgeable person who forms metal pieces that uses some mould to have a more complex structure. Some locksmiths are capable of doing or making more and different security layers, however, this also requires more skills and tools. This would then be more expensive since it is designed to have a security in every layer made, and this would be very important to people who greatly need someone or something to be greatly protected.
  3. Key – It is the one that opens the lock. Some locks require greater security that needs special keys which are security token or two-factor authentication. This involves special combination of numbers or letters and some in a form of a card.
  4. Safe, Strongboxes, Vaults – these are modern type of securing important things. It can be custom designed but with a higher cost compared to the one which is readily available in the market.