Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Plumbing Equipment and Tools

Plumbum is the Latin word for plumbing that means pipes are assembled from lead. Plumber is the one who does the plumbing. His duty is to install or repair the piping systems, plumbing fixtures and equipment like water heaters and backflow preventers.

The plumbing industry is a simple yet an important part of every industrialized economy because of the need for clean water, sanitary collection and transport of wastes. Plumbing is generally differentiated from water supply and sewage systems, wherein a plumbing system operates in one building, while water and sewage systems operates in a group of buildings.

When doing some plumbing works, it is always best if you have some of the must-have plumbing tools so you can work more efficiently when you install, troubleshoot, repair, inspect, or search for pipes, wires, etc. If you have the appropriate, high-end and branded tools, you will surely have the most advance techniques to detect the smallest possible leaks. However, when getting plumbing equipment and tools, quality and affordability is always the main priority.


When you say the word plumbing the, words that come directly in your mind are these words:

-     Removal of waterborne wastes

-     Heating and washing

-     System of pipes

-     Skill trade of working on pipes

-     Drain fittings

-     Tubing and plumbing fixtures

-     Valve assemblies

-     Devices on the supply of water for drinking that are installed mostly on buildings


To understand more on the environment of plumbing, it is very important if you familiarize yourself with the plumbing equipment devices that are listed below:

1.     Water meter

2.     Pumps

3.     Expansion tank

4.     Backflow arrestor

5.     Water filters

6.     UV sterilization lights

7.     Water softeners

8.     Water heaters

9.     Heat exchangers

10.     Gauges

11.     Control systems

Specialized Plumbing tools:

1.     Pipe wrenches

2.     Flaring pliers

3.     Joining tools (soldering torches, crimp tools)

4.     Pipeline camera and Video camera (inspection)

5.     Hydro jets

6.     High pressure hydraulic pumps


Advanced plumbing tools

1.     Water leak detector

2.     Pipe and wire locator

3.     Plumbing torches

4.     Water pressure gauges

5.     Rebar locators