Friday, May 24, 2019

The Dying Art of Political Science

Here is the question: can the people still trust the leaders whom they elected to the position where they were supposed to lead? With the current global situation, political scandals here and there, corruption, company closure, global economic recession, calamities and even war, can the government and the chosen leaders be held accountable for these?

There has been an ethical conflict with the officials governing a country and even in a company or in an organization. Political system – democracy, monarchy, republic or even feudalism – each of these practice different cultures; they all have to follow certain ethics in order to run the government or the organization in the smoothest way possible. However, leaders nowadays seem to lose touch of the said political ethics.

Ethics, the science of right and wrong or simply a moral philosophy, is a critical element in a governing body. Much more, it is an essential quality that a good leader should have. Nevertheless, amusingly, most of those leaders in the government and/or organizations are the ones being conspicuously hovered with unethical politics. Everyday, one can read in a paper, government official and corporate leaders being sued for corruption, sensitive political issues, bureaucratic negligence and scandals. Oh, yes! They do make it to the front page. Even so, to them, it is more of a political campaign and rather popularity’s sake.

Issues on political ethics had long been present in the history of the world. From the time of Plato’s “The Republic” – a classical work of political philosophy, Aristotle’s “Politics”, Ethics of Nichomachean and Cicero’s Stoic, Gandhi’s idealism, Confucius’ teachings, Lincoln’s philosophy, Martin Luther King’s dream, Hitler’s inhumane philosophy, to Hussein’s leadership, and now Obama’s serenade to the public. All of these are having political conflicts of their own.

Through time, unethical politics had shocked the world. Nixon’s resignation on August of 1974 was a desperate attempt to evade the Watergate scandal and was an evidence of dirty politics in the history of America. Even the church has its own glimpse of the controversies whenever its leaders commit unethical doings with respect to the church’s teachings.

Now, the concept of morality, equality, liberty and freedom will become just a vague picture in the history of mankind. Conflicts around the world are not being taken into consideration because of the mere fact that even leaders between countries and organizations have personal siege within themselves.

Politics as an art or science of government or the governing of a political entity will now just be a word synonymous with corruption, risk, indignity, immorality, unjust, scandals and those pertaining to the way leaders have shown to the public. Politics is now a means for an end.

However political scientist, philosophers, policy analyst, sociologist, and lawyers will look at it, political ethics are a dying art. Promising politicians and leaders will always be drawn to commit the same mistakes, one way or another, as what their forefather had committed for history will repeat itself.

People can only hope that in the near future, the trend in the political system will be true to its moral. Democracy should only mean “of the people, for the people, and by the people”. Republicans and Democrats will unite; the leftist and the government will agree on common goals; and leaders will rudder the entire boat for the greater good and not just for personal gain and convenience.

Politics will always be the guiding force in a nation. The leaders and the officials may have wanted to run a nation or an organization according to their personal judgment, but it is not at all time possible. There are certain ethics in governing a political entity and that bending away from these morals and standards will mean destruction to the leader itself as well as the organization he is handling.

When Barrack Obama won the American presidency in 2008, one of his speeches promised “a new beginning”. Will this mean a new era of politics for a just and humane, moral-guided society? Alternatively, will it just be another promissory gone in vain? For all we know, we might wake up one day and politics has become a dead and rotten art already. So help us God.