Friday, May 24, 2019

Safety Always a Priority

Being safe and secured is a primary need of individuals. It is also included by Abraham Maslow in his hierarchy of needs which comes in second after physiologic needs. It is an important factor that needs to be considered when it comes to making decisions regarding places to stay and activities to choose. It is somehow a preventive measure to keep us away from all kinds of harm brought about by individuals who are planning of any mischievous doings and whose minds are dominated by bitterness. It is a human nature to do all we can to protect ourselves from all sorts of harm and of course, nobody wants to be victimized by these criminals. That is why; many individuals have come up with ideas that would protect people from these intruders.

In our present time, an increase in the incidence of crimes committed inside homes has been documented. Criminals are no longer contented with dark and quiet places but they simply intrude houses even though they are aware that people are occupying the house. Probably, most of them are drug addicts and that might be a major reason why they feel fearless and invincible. It is so much easy for these intruders to invade an individual’s dwelling if the house itself is out of safety features. It is like giving permission to these criminals to do what they can and allow them to commit crimes. It is therefore, a responsibility of the owner of the house to check every now and then if doors are appropriately sealed and if protective devices are still functional.

In building houses and establishments, people usually include in the design a protective gear for the structure. This is because they want to feel at ease whenever they are in these places. Many individuals prefer to stay in houses that are located in subdivisions because these places are equipped with security guards and they continually monitor those who go in and out of the subdivision. Another advantage is that not everyone is allowed to immediately enter the subdivision, which prevents trespassers from intruding. Those who are wealthy usually surround their houses with tall and concrete walls which prevent people from entering their premises and they can also hire their own security guards to continually monitor their area with their routine rounds. There are actually many kinds of these protective devices used at home and it includes lock, detectors and hidden cameras. Locks are the most common of these protective devices that secure the homes of most individuals. This is usually a feature of most doors and windows and it promotes safety of the dweller. It also comes in different varieties. All door knobs have a built in lock and it has a corresponding key to allow the owner to open the door after closing it. It can be very useful when an individual would go to distant places and nobody will be left at home. Padlocks are also used to some gates that do not have a built in lock to protect houses from thieves. Detectors are far advanced protective devices. It is not as common as locks but it is found to be more efficient and effective. Its function is that it detects motion in a specific range of area. It would detect even with a slight touch. The presence of these detectors is usually unknown to the intruder and once they come across one of this detectors, an alarm will be activated that will signal the authority and the owner, of the intrusion committed. This is commonly used in areas that contain precious things like museums, warehouses, banks and jewelry shops. A camera is sometimes installed in hidden places inside the house usually at the gates or near the door. This will not prevent the thief from doing what he wants but it will help the authorities to capture the criminal. In this way, it will prevent the same act in the future, this time with other homes. A detector and a hidden camera is usually a back-up to locks if intruders are able to get in even with its presence.

Aside from home security, we are also concerned with web security. Almost all of us are utilizing the internet and we want to protect ourselves from hackers and intruders. If houses have locks, the internet also utilizes protective features such as passwords so that only the user can access his account. In this way we can somehow say that we are safe.