Friday, May 24, 2019

To Buy or Not to Buy?!

Shopping is a common weekly leisure activity among women in the world. They tend to go window shopping in malls and boutiques. They shop until they drop. They shop for bags, clothes, accessories, sandals, and they're not stopping just there. That is why most people would come to notice a large percent of women in malls in comparison to men. Most boutiques are filled with women in comparison to men. Usually, men only go to malls if they are bored. Mall for them is just for hang-outs. They often spend money for food alone. Their wallets aren’t even touched, unless the need arises. To put it into simple words, men are thriftier than women.

Discounts on another point of view are marked down prices of specific items on sale in the market or malls. This is a type of marketing technique wherein it helps drawing in plenty of customers to buy items at a very low cost or price. There are many types of discounts. Some are made by the retailers, others are done by the buyers such as bargaining and still others are decided by the company as a Thanksgiving to their valued customers. These are one of the most common marketing strategies and techniques ever played in the seller-buyer world.

Discounts per se are not only available in markets, malls and boutiques. They are also available online on the internet. Nowadays, there exist of what you call internet markets wherein items on sale are displayed on the internet with their corresponding prices. The one who would like to purchase certain items of their wanting would just pay via their credit cards and their purchased items would just be sent and delivered to their certain addresses. Though it may be more of spending much, but it’s less the hassle.

Usually, discounts can be availed if you do reservations like in hotels. For example, you are from the United States of America and would like to visit your family in the Philippines for the Christmas Holidays. However, you don’t have a place to stay in for the nights of sleep so you tried to inquire possible hotels in which you can spend the night. Through these hotel reservations, they would give you certain discounts during your stay. These are done to further entice you of choosing their hotels. However, it’s based upon the consumers’ discretion and preferences.

Giving discounts to items on sale or services available are one of the techniques wherein sellers promote to attract buyers and consumers. This would help the sellers gain more income as they sell many products in one setting. The buyers could also save some money from the said marketing strategy. Through this, both parties would be able to benefit from it.

As mentioned earlier, online buying is common nowadays. People now are surely lazy to get up and go to the market for themselves. Nonetheless, there are many discount offers available over the internet. However, there are also many frauds around the internet. So you better choose a well-worth trusting site. The world today is full of frauds, so don’t get too much trusting others. Which discount should you then prefer to choose?

It is best to choose discounts of items that are in need. It does not mean that, even if the item has a discounted price then you should but it right away. Think first if you ever needed the item or service on discount. The trend of the sellers is that they usually give discounts at the end of the month or during inventory days. The items that are discounted are items that don’t sell that much to the public. They would rather out items on discounted prices than letting the items rot on counters and shelves. This is indeed a good strategy in earning money fast. However, reminder to the buyers, don’t be fooled, always take time and think, and be a smart buyer. You have to outsmart the seller. One should also try to consider comparing items on sale. From that point in time, you should also try to consider the necessity and durability of the items on discount.

Be a smart buyer and think. Don’t be fooled by these illusions. It’s always better to stop and ask “to buy or not to buy,” that is the question.