Friday, May 24, 2019

Keeping the Body Healthy and Fit

Our body is a treasure that we need to take care of because it is our weapon that keeps us going and helps us to continue living the best way we can. People are always on the go and every now and then there are unexpected circumstances wherein we get too busy and preoccupied about a lot of tasks and the body is the one that suffers most from these situations. With the increasing number of work needed to be accomplished and the pressure of finishing on time, it induces stress to the body, and if it does not receive the adequate treatment it needs to continue functioning, then illness is more likely to occur. In a stressful world such as ours, a weak body can never sustain such harsh factors.  

Everyday, people report to their offices or go to school, and it is expected that there will be a lot of things to do so it would be best to equip the body with the right nutrition and treatment that it needs. A very simple way in keeping the body healthy is by eating a heavy breakfast. This should be a balanced meal to provide the body with the energy and the nutrients it needs for the long day ahead. Most often, when one misses out the morning meal because of poor time management, the body is forced to work. When the body is unable to bear the stress, then its processes are altered. This is then manifested in the person through headaches, stomach pains and body malaise. With the presence of such, the concentration needed for the job becomes disrupted prompting the person to stop and decrease productivity. People should also know that depriving the body of sleep because of a hectic schedule is a bad habit since it will only make the body inevitable to develop illness. It should be best to sleep for about 6 to 8 hours a day to allow the body to replenish and restore tired cells.

Exercise is an important aspect of healthy living. It keeps the body in shape, and it improves muscle tone and bone strength. Those individuals that do not engage in exercise usually develop problems with posture since their bones become too weak. Osteoporosis is commonly experienced by aging individuals and a contributory factor for this is that the person is on a sedentary lifestyle that fails to divulge in a regular exercise. They also experience more health related problems because their body’s circulation is not that good. It is very vital to spare a few minutes in the morning to exercise. One can engage in jogging, running, stretching and other vigorous exercises to keep the blood from properly circulating the body. It will give the person a sense of alertness and improve cardiovascular and respiratory functions. Those people that exercise are usually more productive in comparison to those who don’t. Exercise actually enhances the totality of the person and decreases the possibility of developing health problems. It also increases the protective mechanism of the body’s immune system which is very vital in fighting against costly infections. Exercise would also increase the self-esteem of the person most especially if the desired body weight and look are achieved. Increasing one's ego also improves other aspects of the totality of the person. The person can also engage in other extra-curricular activities such as sports or other therapies that will be beneficial to the body. Just like exercise, hydration should also be given importance. Water helps in many processes within our body and one should drink as much as possible.

In keeping the body healthy, it is very important to go on a regular check-up. This will increase the awareness level of the person about his health. The doctors know best what’s good for a certain patient. It will be a good practice because if a person is experiencing certain abnormalities, it will be immediately detected and intervened. This is somewhat a preventive measure that will prevent people from experiencing an illness at its terminal stages thus preventing mortality. In having a regular check-up, one can identify the appropriate things that are supposed to be done and keep the body healthy.  

Those individuals that go in and out of hospitals are usually those who fail to nourish their body with what it needs. People should also learn to have good coping skills to be able to keep up with the stress around. It is therefore, important to put an emphasis on the importance of keeping the body fit to maintain stability in function. It’s difficult to get sick nowadays and one should start living a life that is appropriate and healthy.